A leading supplier of tooling and stamped metal components

Manufacturing Facility

Oakville, Ontario

MetriCan Mfg Co. Inc. is a 85,000 sq. ft facility that is home to a tool & die manufacturing and technical center, as well as stamping operations. This location is divided into the following manufacturing areas:

  • CNC Machining/Wire EDM Machining
  • Tool Build
  • Press Tryout/Stamping Area
  • Prototyping

In addition, the building has one 30 Ton crane with two hoists, one 16 Ton crane, three 10 Ton cranes, one 3 Ton crane, two 5,000 pound cranes, 3 docking bays, and one drive-in bay.

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Metrican Manufacturing Building in Oakville, Ontario
Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Quality Policy

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    MetriCan Mfg. Co. Inc, is committed to a Quality Management system that makes customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and cost reduction our primary objectives.

    This strategy is achieved by meeting our customer's expectations in terms of reliability, maintainability and durability of our products.

    MetriCan Mfg. is dedicated to continuous quality improvement and reducing the costs of manufacturing, while maintaining our goal of 100% on time delivery.

    These objectives are driven by our customers, and achieved through our dedicated team of employees, MetriCan's goal is to be recognized as a world leader of quality tooling products for the mutual benefit of our customers.

    Coordinate Measuring Machine Video

  • Engineering

    MetriCan’s experienced Design team provides our customers with a highly standardized die design process that supports the tool and die manufacturing process. Our Engineers and technical support staff provide the optimal stamping process to ensure delivery of the correct tool with quality-finished parts.

    Simulation Forming (Sample 1) Video

    Simulation Forming (Sample 2) Video

    Engineering capabilities include:

    • Detailed 3D solid modeling die design using the latest CAD systems
    • Die Design expertise and years of experience captured in the latest simulation software to predict forming, draw, as well as spring back Analyzing forming limit diagrams and material thinning we are able to determine the optimal stamping process prior to building the tool and reduce tooling cost
    • Ability to import and export data in 2D (DXF and DWG) and 3D wire frame and solid ( Iges, UG Prt, STEP, Parasolid, Catia exp and model )
    • Full integration with CAD/CAM systems and Visual Manufacturing software (BOM and scheduling process)
    • Electronic Data Interchange
    • Live WEB Die design review and presentation with our customer to reduce traveling and meeting time
  • Equipment List

    MetriCan Mfg Co. Inc is equipped with press equipment ranging from 250 – 1000 Ton capacity. In addition, Wire EDM Machines, CNC Machines, 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine, Boring, Milling and Grinding Equipment.

    Metrican Press


    Type TONNAGE SHUT HEIGHT BED AREA     STROKE FEED LINE Max Coil Width Max Coil Wt (lbs)
    Blow 1000 42 - 54 " 180x 84 " 24" Colt 72" 30,000
    PTC 600 28 - 40 " 180 x 60 " 20" Colt 30" N/A
    Brown Boggs 400 20 - 32 " 108 x 54 " 12" Colt 36" 20,000
    Niagara 250 12 - 24 " 96 x 48 " 12" Colt 24" 6,000

    CNC Mills

    Type Model Control Description
    PARPAS SL-90-2000 Heidenhain 415_B Universal Head
    DINO FPT-DINO Heidedhain 426 5-Axis
    AWEA LP4025 FANUC 11M 80" x 160" Table
    Matsuura RA-2F YASHNAK 3-Axis
    Matsuura MC-800 VG2 YASHNAK High Speed Machining
    Matsuura MC-1000 VF YASHNAK 3-Axis
    Matsuura MC-800 VF YASHNAK High Speed Machining
    Matsuura MC-1000 VF YASHNAK 3-Axis
    Matsuura 600-RA 11F YASHNAK Auto Pallet Changer
    Mori Seki Lathe SL 5H FANUC 10T Lathe

    EDM Wire Cut Systems

    Type Model Work Piece Dimensions
    Mitsubishi FA20S 19" x 13" x 12"
    Mitsubishi FA20S 19" x 13" x 12"
    Mitsubishi FA20A 19" x 13" x 12"

    Laser Equipment

    Type Model Table Size Description
    NTC TLM 610 72" x 122" 5-Axis with NTC TDLC-04R Control

    CNC Mill Video

    Transfer Press Video

  • Manufacturing Capabilities

    Our Tool room is fully equipped to build anything from small stamping tools, prototype tools to large Progressive dies and Mechanical Transfer dies.

    This allows us to build stamping tools that produce small fasteners and anchors, mid-size core plates and harnesses, to large seat parts and frame assemblies.

    We specialize in stamping tools for the Automotive Industry, mostly Chassis components, Structural Components and Power Train components.

    Our extensive try-out equipment is capable of arranging tooling try-outs from 250 Tons to 1000 Tons including Interchangeable Transfer Systems.

    Stamping Presses

    In-Die Nutting Video

    In-Die Nutting Tapping

    Transfer Press

    CNC Mill

    Stamping Tools In Isle
    Stamping Tools from above
  • Prototyping

    Over 30 years experience in product development has helped MetriCan to become proficient Laser Prototyping a wide spectrum of products.

    With a focus on automotive products, they include Chassis components, Structural Components, and Power Train components. This proficiency allows MetriCan to supply customers with integral samples for product and assembly development.

    Laser Cutting technology enables MetriCan to produce accurate samples on a timely basis. Laser cutting technology includes multi-axis as well as flat cutting capability and also includes hole piercing, trimming, 3-D parts, with a variety of metals with varying dimensions. A combination of talent and technology has allowed MetriCan to develop a core focus on customer need for product development.

    Five Axis Laser Prototyping Video

    Laser Cutter