A leading supplier of tooling and stamped metal components

Stamping Facility

Dickson, Tennessee

MetriCan Stamping LLC is a 90,000 sq. ft facility built in 2005 and is located on 16 acres with expansion potential of more than 200,000 sq. ft. The facility is divided into the four following distinct and separate manufacturing areas;

  • Metal Stamping
  • Value-Added Assembly
  • Press Tryout
  • Tool Repair

In addition, the Dickson facility is equipped with 2 overhead 15 Ton cranes and up to 60,000 lb lift capacity material handling equipment. This location also has 4 docking bays, and 1 drive through bay.

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Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Quality Policy

    MetriCan Stamping LLC. is committed to a Quality Management system that makes quality our primary objective. This strategy is based on customer satisfaction achieved by meeting our internal and external customer requirements.

    MetriCan Stamping LLC. strives to improve quality and reduce the cost of manufacturing while maintaining our goal of 100% on-time delivery. The objectives are achieved with full cooperation of all MetriCan employees.

    MetriCan Stamping LLC. is equipped with an array of equipment to keep us in the forefront of quality technology.

    • 3-Axis CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
    • Hardness Testing Capabilities
    • Complete Weld Laboratory with Cut & Etch Capabilities & Microscope Analysis
    • Push-out/Torque Testing on Projection and Mig Welded Assemblies
    • Gaugetrak Calibration Software.

    MetriCan Stamping LLC. utilizes the most recent advancements in technology, ultimately providing our customers with creative solutions to improve efficiencies and achieve quality at reduced costs.

    Coordinate Measuring Machine Video

  • Equipment

    MetriCan Stamping LLC is equipped with press equipment ranging from 150 – 1500 Tons. In addition, they have single and dual head resistance welders, pinch gun spot weld, triple head nut feeder weld equipment systems, and robotic mig welding equipment.

    Eagle 1500 43 - 55 " 256 x 96 " 24" Colt 72" 30,000
    Eagle 600 26 - 36 " 144 x 72 " 16" Colt 60" 30,000
    Eagle 400 20 - 30 " 120 x 60 " 12" Colt 48" 30,000
    Eagle 400 20 - 30 " 120 x 60 " 12" Colt 48" 30,000
    Eagle 200 18 - 24 " 72 x 48 " 8" Colt 24" 15,000
    Eagle 200 18 - 24 " 72 x 48 " 8" Colt 24" 15,000
    Aida 150 10 - 15.7 " 24 x 48" 7.8" N/A N/A N/A
    Heller 176 12 -15.75" 31.1 x 49.2" 7.8" Mecon 20" 6,000
    Projection Welders
    Weld Cell # Type Description
    WC 1 Mawer Dual head
    WC 2 Mawer Dual head / Nut Feeder
    WC 3 Mawer Single head / Nut Feeder
    WC 4 Mawer Dual head / Pinch Gun Spot Weld
    WC 5 Mawer Dual head / Pinch Gun Spot Weld
    WC 6 Mawer Triple head / Nut Feeder
    WC 7 Mawer Dual Head
    WC 11 Mawer Single Head / Nut Feeder Turn Table
    WC 12 Mawer Single Head Pedestal Welder
    WC 13 Dickson Dual Head / Straight Gun Spot Weld
    WC 15 Mawer 2 Gun Spot Welder ASPW
    WC 16 Mawer Drawn ARC Stud Welder
    WC 17 Metrican Riv Nut Station Manual Gun
    WC 18 Metrican Dual Head /Nut Feeder Turn Table
    MIG Welders
    Weld Cell # Type Description
    WC 8 ABB Robot - Turntable Weld Cell
    WC 9 ABB Robot - Turntable Weld Cell
    WC 10 ABB Robot - Turntable Weld Cell
    WC 14 ABB Robot - Turntable Weld Cell
    WC 19 Nutech Robot - Turntable Weld Cell
  • Manufacturing Capabilities

    Metal Stamping

    Metrican Stamping LLC. has a wide range of equipment and the ability to produce a broad range of component parts. Our facility with 8 presses allow the opportunity to produce parts for our customers in aluminum, stainless, carbon, high-strength, and martensitic steels. Production flexibility is demonstrated by our ability to run high-volume progressive dies and transfer tooling, to low or medium volume production to suit your needs.

    Stamping Presses

    In-Die Nutting Video

    In-Die Nutting Tapping

    Transfer Press

    Value Added Assembly

    Metrican Stamping LLC. offers value-added assembly by employing our extensive range of weld systems. Both projection and mig-welded assemblies can be completed on any one of our 19 pieces of weld equipment providing an assortment of manufacturing processes in one location is a value added service for our customers.

    Robotic Welding and Assembly Video

    Projection Welding Video Video